Monday, July 7, 2008

The "AWESOME OHIO" June 2008

A few weeks ago I was able to visit my sister, her husband, and there hilariously wonderful daughters for a full 7 days. We didn't do a lot of exciting things, but I thoroughly enjoyed just spending time enjoying the family I don't ever get to see. One of the days I was there we were able to go to Costco and before we did any shopping, we stopped to get a bite to eat. Lindsay didn't want to eat her food, but kept shoving Jamie's entire chicken wrap in her face, like so. It seemed like a mouth full, but she was happy with it.

Once the food was gone, we were off to pick out some glasses for my sister. It became a fashion show, which the girls LOVED!

Allison and Lindsay were REALLY excited when I let them try on these stylin' specks.

Then we went for the sunglasses look...

Linds's is looking like tough stuff here

And of course, I had to try on the blast from the past 80's style

One of the days I was there, Lindsay kept crawling around with a carrot in her mouth. When it fell out, she just picked it up and kept putting it back in her mouth. So lovely!

Along with "carrot girl" we had Allison's "hurt knife" and then a surprise that she left for us in the fridge. Who doesn't like chilled socks to snack on?

While there, I decided to let Jamie go to the temple while I watched the girls. It was going to mean a long drive and then a long wait while Jamie did a session at the temple. SO, I decided to tell Allison we were going to be going on "an adventure" while Mommy was gone. That morning we went to the store, purchased our "adventure" treats and filled her backpack with things to help keep us entertained. The whole day she kept saying, "we going on an "avenchur" today!" It was so funny!

Things got interesting when I tried to meet up with an old friend and go to dinner with two little girls. By the time I left dinner, I had Lindsay's yogurt and Allison's apple juice all over my clothes. A little later we added chocolate to my clothes, hands and Lindsay's clothes. We didn't get home until late and Allison was exhausted, but she kept insisting that she didn't want to go to bed. It got really entertaining when she was walking around the house with her eyes closed (you see the light hurt her eyes) while saying, "I not tired mommy, I not tired!" She got so upset that she was basically crying at the idea of getting in bed. Once we got her in bed she was out in minutes!

Each day was enjoyable as I would play in Allison's play kitchen, work out while watching video's, go for walks in the park and have a good time goofing around. I LOVED playing with "my" girls and can't wait for them to come and visit me here in Utah SOON!!!