Sunday, January 30, 2011

A New Year

Well, as always, I'm a little late in getting my goals and life in order for the new year. I always have good intentions, and spend time thinking about what I want to do for the new year, but it isn't until the end of January that I actually take time to write them down (and well, let's be honest in saying that it's not unheard of to be doing this in March - yeah, I'm slow) I'm starting to wonder if this is why I often don't actually accomplish many of my goals...

This year, I've decided that I'm going to make some "GOALS" to work on, and then have another "30's" list - which will really be a list of things that I'd like to DO this year. Again, I'd like to open up the comments section to thing that you have done, or would like to do in this upcoming year so that I can get a good list going! I like a "list" because, well I'm a "list person", but also, I feel like by having them all written down, I actually remember that I want to do them - so send some ideas my way!

One of the things I'm trying to do - and I've been pretty awful at it so far - is to have a "picture" journal for the year of 2011 - (my super cool roommates idea). In 2010 she took a picture of herself EVERY DAY, and then wrote a little blurb about it as a "journaling" idea or whatever it was for - now she's using some picture program to put the pictures and her "blurbs" into a book that she'll print. Cool, huh!

Well, this year we're both (yeah, she's actually doing it, and I'm spotty at it) keeping a "gratitude" journal (and I'm doing a service journal) and are taking a picture of something that we're grateful for each day. Cool journaling idea - too bad I'm okay at the gratitude thing, but stink at remembering to take a picture! SOOOOOO, the plan is to (from here on out) do the writing and load the pictures onto my computer, so I can share them with all my readers (yeah, thanks for reading Mom!). I think it will be a good experience for me if I can actually get my buns in gear! So, wish me luck! Some "gratitude pictures" to follow soon... as well as a goal list, and a "to do in my 30's list" too! I'm going to be busy! :)

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Finished? Well sort of...

So, for those of you who've been checking every day to see if I made it through, my "30 till 30" list, the post is finally here... and I have to say, that I didn't quite make it - but I got pretty CLOSE! I have to say that I'm inspired now to create a new "list" for this upcoming year to help keep me focused on doing those things that I "always wanted to do"... I have LOVED the "excuse" to go out and LIVE life, and not just "say" that I'll do things someday... I have to say that I'm excited to hear and read that some of YOU are also starting your own "lists". Hope they go as well for you as this one has for me!

1. Learn how to golf (this is obviously a process, but it's coming along...)
2. Build a piece of furniture!
3. Create a budget and actually keep to it (could be better, but I'm DOING IT!)
4. Run in 6 races
5. Do at least 1 hour of service Every Week
6. Make 2 new friends (or meet two new people) every month
7. Read 6 books

8. Overcome a weakness... (I can always work on this, but it's getting better!)
9. Hike Mt. Timp
10. See Wicked
11. Find a way to organize my business - particularly my business finances.
. Teach Allie to be the best soccer player in all of Ohio
13. Go to a Demolition Derby
14. Run Ragnar
15. Go somewhere I’ve never been before

16. Try a new kind of food
17. Read Grandpa Ellison’s life history
18. Grow a garden

19. Go to a new restaurant
20. Cook a new recipe

21. Go to Antelope Island
22. Learn how to do Yoga
23. Make a pumpkin pie (not for thanksgiving)

24. Participate in a Water Station for a Race

(I kinda had started on the organ and doing family history, but didn't get too far, so I had to take them off this years list - but will put them back on for next year!...)

Here are a few pictures of my last trip to New York to see Wicked... was a GREAT trip, and the best birthday present I've ever given to myself :) Lucky me! Watch for my next "list" coming soon... feel free to post your own ideas of what I can do this coming year as I'm always up for new ideas!!!