Sunday, March 13, 2011

Gratitude in a nutshell...

(Kerri, Brett & Me... we are cool)

So, this week was very busy! I had parent teacher conferences, had my last day with my student teacher, and therefore had little sleep, and little room in my brain to remember to write down the things I was grateful for... SO, I'm posting a "master" list that covers the week of gratitude and what little service I found time to do.

Grateful for...
1. I'm grateful for people who really are doing everything they can to fulfill their responsibilities. With parent teacher conferences, I tend to have parents who keep saying that they will do this, or that to help their child, but fail to follow through. Though I realize that people aren't perfect, I appreciate people who actually DO follow through - even when it's not completely consistent. It sure makes my life so much easier!
2. Fresh starts. New trimester, new beginning, with a blank and perfect slate. It's nice to have that once in a while.
3. Help. 'nuff said.
4. People with a happy and positive attitude. I've lacked that recently. I'm grateful when people tend to look on the bright side of life, so that I can be reminded to do the same.
5. People who LISTEN. Not just tell me what to do to make it better, but who really listen to what I'm saying - cause sometimes it's important to hear what I'm NOT saying as much as it is to listen to the words coming out of my mouth.
6. Reminders that I can do better... cause I can.
7. Good Friends. Particularly friends who take me snowshoeing with them, and bring me treats, and help me when I fall on my face and who are patient when i'm 20 min late and have forgotten my snowshoes. :) Those friends are pretty great.
8. Finding money I forgot I had.
9. Opportunities to serve.
10. To live in place that is safe, and blessed to be fairly free of problems that tend to plague the rest of the world.
11. Warm and sunny weather.
12. People who are NICE. People who are NOT nice, make me grumpy and that makes me feel bad, which basically ruins my whole day/weekend!
13. Being prepared... or at least trying to be.
14. Taking the time to go OUT and do something fun. I need time away from "life".
15. The Atonement.

1. Helped create a "get well" package for a friend in need.
2. Cleaned most of the house!
3. Created an opportunity for friends to get out of the house and try something new for this coming weekend.
4. Tried to comfort a friend who has been having a hard time.
5. Wrote a thank you note.
6. Took flowers to my sister at work - so she could give flowers to someone else.
7. Went to the temple.

Sometimes life knocks ya down and you just have to laugh about it and get back up... :)

Sunday, March 6, 2011


March 6, 2011

I'm Grateful For...
1. Fast Sunday's because I don't have to be to church early! SO, I can sleep in as long as I want, and only have to go to 3 hours of church!
2. "open mic Sunday's" where anyone can get up and bare their testimony. In our ward we had some very good thoughts shared, and even had a quote from High School Musical. :)
3. Sunday Dinner with the Fam'. The food is always great, and the conversations are never dull.
4. CES Firesides. Yes, I'm almost too old to be involved in the intended audience, but the message is always a good reminder of what is important in this life.
5. Seeing people at church who haven't been there in a long time. It's so awesome to see my fellow brothers and sisters in the gospel, and know we are all working on being the best we can be...

1. Brought rolls for dinner.

I'm way to old for this...

(Us pretending we are young and can stay up until way late, watching television... we got kinda tired!)
Saturday March 5, 2011

1. Today I woke up feeling VERY sick. I took some medication, but in the past few times I've felt like this, no matter what med's I took (and I took more pain pills that it says to take on the bottle...) the pain wouldn't go away. I had lots to do today, so I thought about saying a little prayer. I've been listening to President Monson's biography, and on Friday night had heard a story about Pres. Monson telling someone to pray for a clear sky, and in faith, the brother did so - and it WAS so. So, I decided to pray in faith that I'd feel better, and with Faith I felt better within the hour. I love when my Faith is strong enough, and the will of the Lord matches my will...
2. So, after my soccer game, I went to Costco. I took Preston with me (cause he likes the free samples) and when we went back to my car, I had a flat tire. It was basically the straw that was about to break this camel's back! Preston, being the great friend that he is, made a quick call to a family friend who works for Goodyear on Redwood and 45th south. He told us to bring it over, and they'd take care of it. When we got there, I was just hoping for a discount on getting it fixed - but after taking care of the flat, they said, you're free to go. They fixed it for FREE! What a blessing!
3. The atonement. My roommate Olivia and I have talked in depth about what the atonement means in our lives, and in the lives of others. I think sometimes people think that taking our sins, and shortcomings to the Lord, means that He'll disown us, and make us "pay for our mistakes" in a way that is horrible. I, from personal experience, know that when we come to the Lord, and are truly ready to turn ourselves, and our mistakes over to him, He will love us, and HELP us through the rough process of repentance. Am I saying that sin is pain free. NO! But am I saying that it's WORTH repenting? YES! And is the Love of the Lord more powerful than the pain we'll go through - YES! What an amazing gift we've been given... I wish the world could understand THAT!
4. Other people's happiness... I love to see other people HAPPY.
5. Every Saturday, I TRY to get all of the "essentials" done, that I don't seem to have time for during the week. Like vacuuming, grocery shopping, laundry, etc. Today, I got most of it done. YEA!
6. Tonight a few of us got together to go to dinner, and watch some television. We ended up staying up WAY to late (like I did when I was young and in college), but we had a good time. I'm grateful for good friends who are willing to pretend that we can still act like we're 19. :)

1. I helped make our home a place of cleanliness!
2. I helped Olivia bring in her groceries, and put them away.
3. Invited a friend to participate in the evening's festivities.

Report Card Friday!

Friday March 4, 2011

I'm Grateful For...
1. I worked hard all day long, and got all of my report cards DONE and printed! The only thing I have left is to do 5 S.E.P's!!! That's a record for me. :)
2. I met up with my friend Robyn, and some other people and went to a U of U gymnastic's meet. It was nice to "get out".
3. Twizzlers. :) Need I say more.
4. A reminder that I can be MORE than I am.
5. I got to the temple at 7:10 and was in my car by 7:50 and was to work "on time". WHAT A BLESSING!

1. Another early morning at the temple :)
2. I helped all the other 5th grade teachers with their report cards. :)

World Troubles

Wednesday March 2, 2011

I'm Grateful For...
1. Today in my night class, we were discussing the issues that are going on in Libya. We also discussed the Rawanda genocide as well as issues of Viet Nam. The point of the discussion was to reflect on the issues that arise when people from these countries come to our schools, and what I can do as an educator to teach them English and help them learn. The thought that came to me tonight, is that I'm grateful that I've not had to live through such great tragedy and that I'm not living in a country that would allow (at least I don't think we would) such crazy wars go on between to peoples, just because we don't like each other - due to history and genealogy. What a blessing it is to be here on "free soil".

2. I'm grateful for Fiber 1 bars (the 90 calorie ones). Such a great treat.

3. The 30 min I get at the gym on Wednesday's before class.

4. A professor who helps me make my OWN decisions as to what I'd like to learn in his class, instead of forcing HIS ideas on me. Love when you present the material, and then let me think for myself!

5. Coming home from a long day of work, the gym, and class, and knowing that tomorrow is a SHORT DAY at work! :)