Saturday, March 29, 2008

An Invitation

Over the past 2 years and 10 months, I have been serving a service mission for the church. I work under the hosting department at the church and have given tours of the conference center to people from around the world. This last week I took a family from Switzerland through the building and was able to tell them a little about the church... it was pretty awesome.

My "time" as a hostess is coming to a close in just two months and I was thinking that it's about time I put out an "invitation" to my friends & family to come have a personalized tour of one of the worlds more amazing buildings. I never thought someone could enjoy a building so much, but I really have a LOVE for this building, and would be happy to show it to anyone who is interested. I can't take you behind the "scenes" because they are off limits, but I can tell about the building and show you a little of the art in it... and if the weather warms up there's an awesome roof top garden.

I don't want anyone to feel like they need to come down unless you want to, but I invite you to drop in if you'd like to. I should be there every Thursday until the end of May, and you are welcome to let me know your coming, but If you find yourself downtown on a Thursday night, feel free to drop in at door 15 and at least say hello.

(Thanks for coming Family :) )

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Moab Half "Dead-a-thon"

So, almost three weekends ago I participated in what was affectionately named, the Moab Half Deadathon... or in other words, the Moab half marathon. It was a delightful experience for myself, but my good friend Adrienne didn't think it was so great... maybe next time she'll run more than six miles before the day of the race.

All of the races I have run before this race started at 7:00 or earlier, so it was rather surprising to find out this one started at 10:00. I am not complaining, since that meant I could sleep in until almost 7:00 and still have plenty of time for breakfast! Which by the way, I ate too early. Over the past few years I have developed this metabolism that means I am hungry every few hours - usually. Sometimes its more frequent, and sometimes I hardly eat anything at all and I'm fine. It's rather unpredictable... like the rest of my life... but that's a whole other story! ANYWAY... so since I ate early, I was hungry before the race even began. BUT there was this life saving "GU" pack somewhere in the middle that helped me get through to the end. One of the cool thing about big races is that there's free "snacks" when you are all done running your guts out. So, I ate like 5 pieces of bread when I got done - it was awesome!

The race itself was pretty awesome. It started out being FREEZING... so it's a good thing it didn't start till 10! I almost didn't take off my top layer... but within 20 min. I was warm enough to make it the rest of the way down. It is a beautiful canyon and a nice corse, with a little up and a little down.

The trip was pretty much awesome, with some highlights at the amazing diner, the photo shoot at the yellow hummer, and then the modeling session in the hotel room... gotta love a weekend with the girls! And I surely did. The race was pretty cool too! - (I'll try to post pictures when my camera comes back from vacation in Cinnci.)

Thursday, March 13, 2008

All I have to say friends, is that you really let me down... 2 comments! That's really pathetic! I am considering retiring from the blogging world. Jamie, I will hold out a little longer just for you, but the rest of you need to show some serious IMPROVEMENT!

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Comment Academy

Welcome to my version of "COMMENT ACADEMY" (Yes, if you complete the course you will get a diploma!). This is where I teach all of you how to comment, and then YOU start adding your two sense to what I write so I feel like what I am writing is actually being read, and therefore I can feel like it's of value to someone other than myself. Okay, enough scolding, now it's time to teach :) I credit the following to my amusing older sister since she's the one who wrote this on her blog... it worked for HER friends - they post comments like crazy!

"I thought I would do a little tutorial for you on how to comment on the blog. I know it may seem a little intimidating to try something new, but you can do it. It is SO easy.

First, notice the bottom of this post there is something that says COMMENTS. Click on the comments section and it will bring up a new screen. Just type your comment in the "LEAVE A COMMENT" section. It doesn't have to be profound or funny. It doesn't even have to be nice--though I might cry a little if it is mean. What is most important is that you leave a comment! I love getting feedback.

Anyway, once you have typed your comment you have three ways of identifying yourself. First, if you have a Google email account or blog, you click on the circle next to GOOGLE/BLOGGER. Then you enter your email into the USER NAME space and your password in the PASSWORD space. Once that is done, just hit publish and your comment is on the way.

If you do not have a Google account, you can click on OTHER or ANONYMOUS. Use OTHER if you already have a web page that you are linked to. Enter your web page address and your name. If you do not have a web page, then include your name in the text of your comment and click on ANONYMOUS and the PUBLISH button when you are done."

Okay, now does that seem so hard? No, I don't think so. There are now more excuses! Lets start helping Tricia feel like her time on the computer is not a total waste of time otherwise I may stop all together!