Sunday, May 23, 2010

RAGNAR Wasatch Back

A week ago my friend got a hold of me and asked me to run the Wasatch Back Relay Race with her and some of her friends this coming month. She told me that the gal they had lined up had suffered an injury and seeing that the race is in mid June, they needed to find a replacement, FAST! Hesitating at first, I told her I'd think about it and get back to her the next day... Needless to say, I thought about it, debated back and forth, wondering if I could really make it through 16.4 miles with only a month to train, and said YES!

I'm really excited, petrified, and wondering what I was thinking, but look forward to the adventure! Our team of 12 will be running from Logan to Park City (188 miles) in 24 hours riding in 2 vans, sleeping in the van or wherever there's an empty lawn, and should have quite the experience! I'm hoping to make it through the race without passing out from heat stroke or lack of sleep! But I'm excited...

Our team name is "Hips, Lips, and Asphalt" - the team blog is I'm running leg 8! Wish me luck!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Summer Vacation

Purchased tickets to go to New York/Boston the day school gets out... can I say I'm ready for a vacation!