Sunday, October 31, 2010

30 to 30 update... and other happenings...

Dear Mom (and anyone else that thinks my life is worth keeping up with...),

The following is an update of my "list". I started thinking, I only have 6-7 weeks before my birthday! I'd better get crackin'. I'm going to do a few of the following in the next few weeks, so if you'd like to join me, let me know and I'll get you details. :)

TO DO in the next 2-3 WEEKS!:
I'm going to go to Antelope Island, Golden Spike, Going Curling, and to try a "new kind of food". I plan to finish my 5th book this week, and work on my "furniture" Friday (cause I have it off...) I'm running my last race, on Thanksgiving morning, and will be watching for cheap tickets to see Wicked ANY TIME that I can! Found a round trip for $250, but didn't think it would work with my schedule... but I'm OPEN FOR IT BABY!

Blue means DONE, BABY!, Red means IN PROGRESS, and Black means I've thought about it, but haven't gotten there yet.

1. Learn to play the organ
2. Learn how to golf (this is obviously a process, but it's coming along...)
3. Build a piece of furniture!
4. Create a budget and actually keep to it (could be better, but I'm DOING IT!)
5. Run in 6 races (5 down)
6. Do at least 1 hour of service Every Week
7. Make 2 new friends (or meet two new people) every month
8. Read 6 books – (4 down, one 50 pages away...)

9. Create a piece of "art" that is displayed in my home (drawing, painting, photograph, sewing project, etc.)
10. Overcome a weakness... (tardiness, journal writing, etc...)
11. Hike Mt. Timp
12. See Wicked
13. Find a way to organize my business - particularly my business finances.
14. Get a big girl bed :)
5. Teach Allie to be the best soccer player in all of Ohio
16. Go to a Demolition Derby
17. Run Ragnar
18. Go somewhere I’ve never been before

19. Try a new kind of food
20. Go Curling
21. Put up dining room decorations
22. Read Grandpa Ellison’s life history
23. Do family history with Grandma Perkins and Mom
24. Grow a garden

25. Go to a new restaurant
26. Cook a new recipe
27. Go Skiing
28. Go to Antelope Island
29. Write my own personal history (at least start ☺)
30. Finish decorating bedroom
31. Learn how to do Yoga
32. Make a pumpkin pie (not for thanksgiving)

33. Keep a service journal/gratitude journal for 6 months or longer
34. Participate in a Water Station for a Race
35. See the "Golden Spike"... it's part of HISTORY!

I have the worlds greatest roommates! A few weeks ago I heard an add on the radio that the Utah Symphony was having a guest pianist come to play one of my favorite songs... what it's called is slipping my mind, but I like it anyway... I decided that I wanted to go, and my two roommates came along. We had a great time, and I even think I offended the single guy sitting next to me... (made a comment to my roommate about how I tell my students to dress up for the symphony, and that they should wear slacks or a dress and that if they didn't have slacks, then they should wear their nicest jeans... lo and behold, my roommate whispered to me at intermission that the guy sitting next to me looked at me kinda funny when I was telling her that, because he was wearing JEANS! AHHH! Whoops!) Here's a lovely picture... it was the best of the three we took...

Also, this is for my family... but I did dress up for Halloween and even attended a "church dance" - yeah, probably the last one I'll be attending until they ask me to chaperone one. These are a few pictures...

Oh, and did you know that October 30th is National Candy Corn day? Cause it is! In honor of this wonderful holiday, my roommate and I created this awesome sign and a very nice wreath to hand on our friends door (as a surprise!) next year you can celebrate too...

Monday, October 11, 2010


So, my "non-member" friend asked me the following question - Why do we have to be sealed? ... and more specifically, if we're going to be in the same kingdom as our family/friends, why does it matter if we are sealed?" What are YOUR thoughts, people?