Thursday, June 18, 2009

"The Wedding"... but not MY wedding...

As I know most of you know (because you came to it) my bestest single friend is no longer single! LAME! Okay, I guess it's okay because in reality I DO like having Adam as part of the family... but STILL! I'm back to being literally on my own... So, a little about the big day! Well, MY version of her big day...

We got up early and headed down town to the temple. And despite an April wedding day, (we thought that the tulips would be out and were hoping it wasn't raining...) and it WASN'T raining! It was SNOWING!!! Yep, snow in April... gotta love Ut. The temple ceremony was really nice and I throughly enjoyed the sealers comments... Personally, my favorite part of the ceremony was where he talked about the fact that if we had been endowed, and didn't have the chance to get married, we had essentially "made it"... So, maybe he didn't say that but that's what I heard. He gave the two of them some great advise on making their married strong through serving each other... which was awesome to think about... and then performed the ordinance. Something funny when I thought about it later, was that when they knelt down, I felt this tightening of my chest and I thought "this is it! you can't turn back!!!... are you SURE about this!" And then I realized, oh, WAIT it's not ME committing to this... it's someone else...WHEW! I'm okay! Guess perhaps I'm not ready for marriage after all!

After the ceremony we went out for family pictures... luckily the snow had stopped but it was really COLD. They turned out pretty good considering that we were all wearing coats and shivering with red noses and pink cheeks!

After all that fun, I headed home and finished up all the flowers. I spent the rest of the day finishing things up after spending the night before getting them started. They all turned out even prettier than I had hoped, due to the HIGH quality of flowers that I got in from my wholesalers... It was LOTS of work but it was all worth it! I just hope someone in the family will return the favor when it's my turn... HINT, HINT!

The reception part was FUN, and there were plenty of people to visit. Things got pretty crowded (despite the nasty snowy, windy weather!) and warm in there but it was awesome to see people from my past. I was glad after all was said and done to be able to GO TO BED! after a long, but memorable day!

Monday, June 8, 2009

A Spring time Trip

So, you'd think that I'd be a little more on the ball, but alas... better late than never, I always say! And generally I'm LATE - SO, here's what happened three months ago in my life!

So, in March Paige and I went on our last "single" sister trip. We decided that we should go see our older sis & nieces before she got married and was too poor to go anywhere. We hopped on a plain, & headed to the Ohio. We didn't stay long - only 3 days, but it was fun to see the girls and to have a few days to do "sister" things. Okay, so mostly we just hung out and watched the girls act like the goofy kids that they are, but I enjoyed it!

A few photo's...

Yes these are "panty liners" that my niece's decided to put on the door below the sink :) Luckily they were on the INSIDE of the door... Nice decorating idea Allie! (Don't worry... there was also one behind the toilet :)... She's bound to end up on HGTV designing someone's new home...)

And, if you thought that the interior decorating skills were good... check out the fashion tips from Ohio this past spring! I know, sorry they are so late... but hey, it's Utah! We're always a month or two behind the times anyway... Check it OUT!

Here's the back view...(complete with wings!)...

And the front... what STYLE!

Don't worry, Lindsay's got the Gammon style vibes as well...

All in all, the trip was enjoyable and these fashionable munchkins were a blast to spend a weekend with! We ended our trip at the museum where the kids (who by the way BEGGED to go to the dinosaur exhibit at the museum... but got scared, so we went to the "discovery" part of the museum...) had a great time playing. Unfortunately my battery died, so you are stuck with some "less than perfect, but all we could get with that last battery juice" pic's...

Monday, June 1, 2009

Not Dead YET!

So, to those of you who think I've died, due to a lack of posting, I say, "I'm NOT dead YET!" The past few months have been VERY busy and have been full of High "highs", and some pretty Low "lows"... such is life I guess. I'm really looking FORWARD to a RELAXING summer break, with NO school and LOTS and LOTS of sleep... something I've been missing out on A LOT lately. I know already that it's going to be full of craziness and hopefully lots of time with family and friends! I hope I'll have more time to update life when I get there... only 4 days left!!! I think I CAN make it!