Tuesday, June 17, 2008

A SMALL Business is Born...

So, thanks for all of the fun business name ideas. I found that some of the suggestions were actually already other businesses... one was a lingerie shop name...whoo, whoo... so I didn't stick with that one. In fact, my business name came from the sensational, inspired sister of mine as we drove down the road - the very creative unique name is "Trish Flowers LLC". Yeah, its not super exciting (and my mom says is sounds like a "porn star's name" - how would my mom really know that, I ask myself?), but hey, I had a few friends that said I should really just use my name somehow - so I decided to keep it simple. Anyway, now that things are pretty much all wrapped up, I'm ready for some business. Let your friends, family and random strangers know that if they need flowers, I'm there girl. :) (Okay, so maybe not the strangers - but you get the idea). Thanks for all your suggestions! Wish me luck!

Monday, June 9, 2008

Eye's & ER's

Well, latest updates in my health... two weeks after I sprained my ankle I attempted to play outdoor soccer, and ended up getting a bruise on my other shin:) So, I took another week off and tried playing in our outdoor soccer game. It went pretty well, but I decided to stay on the benches for our indoor game... THEN when I got there there wasn't enough girls to play, so I grabbed my stuff and started playing. I was feeling pretty good, considering... I did have to come out a few times due to my ankle.

Then, about 3/4 of the way through the game I took a ball to the face from about 3 feet away. It knocked my contact out, and me to the floor. I was pretty "upset" because I felt like I'd spent most of the game on the ground and I kept having to come out of the game. I found my contact and headed to the bathroom. At this point I couldn't SEE! I was thinking it might have to do with my contact, but once I got into the bathroom I realized that it wasn't my contact, I really COULDN'T SEE. So, I went back out and got some ice to help with the swelling that was happening on my left eyelid. After about 5 more min the game ended and I was joined on the bench by my teammates. They kept telling me my sight would come back, but since I COULDN'T SEE, I was kind of "Having a COW!" After another 15 min. we all decided that it was time to find a doctor. So, the adventure began...

We got back to my house and went through my insurance info. & made a call before we concluded that I could go to any ER to & still be covered by my insurance (it was about 10:45 at this point, but somehow it took us another hour to actually get to the ER). Once we (Paige & I & my friend Preston, who had driven me to & from my game) decided to go to the new hospital (aka the "death star"... named because of its size, not because the service is bad there...) I got into the emergency room pretty quickly & then waited for a doc. I was pretty much the only person in there that didn't look like they were gonna throw-up all over the place. The doctor came in pretty quickly, told me that he thought I had a bruise on my retina or something like that, but wanted to call an eye doctor to make sure that I didn't need a CAT-SCAN... he said he'd be back as soon as he had word.

After about 30 min of waiting in a room by myself I called Paige & Preston and they came back to keep me company. I think everyone thought we were on crack, because we were laughing & joking around in my room... after almost 2 hours of waiting (it was about 2am by now) the ER doc sent me home and told me that I he would call me in the morning & I would need to go see an eye doctor then. By this point my eye sight was coming back and was about 85% clear. So, I wasn't too worried anymore and agreed to do so. The eye doctor said that it was a bruise & that things looked okay. The worst part of the whole thing was that he told me not to do anything strenuous for 10 days! That's a LONG TIME! But, somehow I made it through... but I'm back to being flab city! At least I can see though!

(This is me and Paige waiting in my room at the hospital... throughout the whole ordeal, my naturally blue eye turned from blue to green, to brown, and back to blue. I am guessing that it was from the bleeding that was happening, which is essentially why I couldn't see... the blood was flowing over my retina which was what was blocking my vision... man my life is so "exciting". :) Or at least strange... who does this? )

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Sprains and "Ta-Ta's"

On May 7th, (a month ago) I was playing in an indoor soccer game and had a most "graceful" run-in with the goalie. As I came down on my left foot, I felt a "popping" up above my ankle and then felt instant pain. I thought that I had broken something and calmly started screaming like a crazy person. I think it was mostly out of "fear" that I had messed something up, because about 2 weeks earlier I was commenting on how it had been at least 5 years since I'd really had a "serious" injury - I should've keep my big mouth shut... must 've brought on bad karma or something. The worst part was that I was already signed up to run the "Race for the Cure" that was coming up three days later on the 10th - I wasn't about to miss that! It's one of my favorite races that we try to run each year...

This year, Paige and I went so far as to sign up to volunteer on Thursday evening with the registering. We helped with the actual registration and had a good time. We got free T-shirts (YES!) and met lots of people throughout the evening. Definitely worth my time.

Well, being the smart cookie that I am, of course I ran it anyways. I love that race! It's so inspiring and gives me the chills as I look at all the people running in "celebration of" or in "memory of" someone who has had breast cancer. I always end up fighting back tears... I'm such a baby! But it really is amazing to see the support & love that people have for their friends and family and strangers who are going through the same hard things that they have experienced. On a lighter note... the other part of the race that I like a lot is the array of great shirts that you see wondering around...some aren't appropriate to put online so I'll let you use your imagination... but my favorite this year said, "Save the Ta-Ta's!". Next year I think that I/we should come up with a shirt of my own... anyone that wants to join in is more than welcome to offer up their ideas. (I'm planning on taking a "team" of runners/walkers next year - so plan for it now! :) )

The race itself was a little difficult because my ankle/lower leg hurt like the dickens... I ended up over compensating for the pain in my left side and caused some tight muscle issues in my right leg. BUT, I made it through and it was worth it!

SO, everyone start training now, because I expect all of you to be joining me as team "....." (fill in the blank) next year!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Biggest Loser

So, my school has been doing a "Biggest Loser" contest to promote healthy living. I got the idea from my parents because my Dad's school was doing it. It works like so - every day you take a tally of how many points you've earned for the day. You get points for NOT eating any dessert sugars, exercising, and doing other "healthy" things. Everyone is working on their own, and also on a "team". Team points are averaged out and the team with the most wins! It's been a lot of fun and up until about 2-3 weeks ago, really motivated me to go to the gym more often and really just work out more and eat NO SUGAR. Yes, over the past 10 weeks I have only had a "sugar" dessert on 3 different days! Um, yeah it was hard, but it's been good for me! Helps me remember that I DO have some self control.

Since I have been "in charge" of the whole thing I have been adding a few elements of "surprise" to the game to help keep people motivated or really to just have fun with it. A couple of weeks ago I decided to have a "challenge" event were we had a sugar-free jello pudding contest. The following are some awesome pictures of everyone stuffing their faces... Oh and the catch was that the participant had to be "FED" the pudding by another team mate. It really made for a fun afternoon...

Everything will end this coming Monday... it's been a fun contest and I'm sad to see things end - HOWEVER, it would be nice to be able to have a piece of chocolate again without feeling guilty for letting my team down again...