Sunday, July 17, 2011

Still grateful, and becoming something...?

So I realize I am not too great at any type of journaling, and blogging is kinda like an "online" journal, or report on what's up with life, so naturally I'm not great at being on top of it - but for my grandma, who reminded me that it's been a while since I last blogged, I'm going to share some things that I've been grateful for over the past 2 months.

1. I'm grateful for the ability to finish my ELS endorsement within 6 months. It's all over now! YIPEEEEEEEEEEE!
2. My roommate Haley got married - happy she found "the one", sad that I lost a great roommate! - and SUPER grateful that my good friend Kerri decided to take her place. We are going to have some GOOD TIMES!!!
3. I'm lucky (and have realized how lucky I am) to be surrounded with awesome family members. Not just my immediate family (though they are truly the best!) but my extended family are great examples, and wonderful people. I'm pretty darn lucky to have them, and to know that they care about me and are there to support me in all that I do.
4. To have the priesthood available to me when I need it.
5. To be able to work 4 hours a day with kids who are cute, and like school... makes it so much easier!
6. To be blessed with the Holy Ghost to guide me, to be with me as I repent and try to become better, to help reveal truth to me, and to comfort when necessary.
7. I was able to run and yes, even finish Ragnar, for the second year in a row...(Hoping there isn't a 3rd year, but I've decided to never say never...)
8. Grateful for employment these days. It's not an easy time to be looking for work, and I'm grateful to have been blessed with employment so I can attempt to help others who are not so fortunate...
9. I have recently been grateful for the words of general conference. It's such a huge blessing to be able to listen to the council given through the prophet and apostles in these latter days. What comfort those words are. What great guidance they are in my life!
10. The reminder that change is necessary if I am to become who I want to become... Through the atonement it's possible, but it's my choice to start making the changes.

As a side note to the list above, I wanted to share a thought I've had recently. I have listened to some talks from our recent general conference addresses, and was reminded of the great blessing it is to be able "TO BE" something. I have recently decided that sometimes I "do" things, because I'm supposed to, but doing them doesn't mean that I'm "BECOMING" the person I want to be. For example: I try to read my scriptures each day, but if I don't let the word of God sink it, then reading is great, but it's not really helping me max out my potential as a child of God. In a talk give by the member of the 70 - he mentioned the idea that we create "to do" lists, but we often don't create "to be" lists, because they are a result of a process over a very long period of time... it's my goal in the upcoming weeks, to really ponder on, pray about, and come up with my own, "To BE" list... I may not share it publicly, because I most likely will be a personal thing, but wanted to share my thoughts about doing it. What if we all started working on "BEING" something... "To be, or not to be?" Isn't that what life is really all about? What do you think?