Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Water Softener? and "You're NOT DATING SOMEONE!?!?"

Okay, tonight I need a little help and have a story to share in return. A few weeks ago a salesman came by and tried to sell me a "water softener system". He insisted on letting his company bring a water softener in for me to try "free for a month!". Deciding that I didn't want to stand here talking to this guy anymore, I said fine, bring it by. So, the next night they bring one by, and I should have just told him I'd changed my mind right then, because HE wasn't trying to sell me anything!
Anyway, tonight they sent over another salesman who wanted to come in my home, test things out and then show me how wonderful this new water softener is. To start things off, he was a nice guy, though pushy and smelled strongly of cologne and talked about a million miles an hour! He came in and showed me two tests with some hard vs. soft water samples (10 min) - THEN, seeing that I was pretty skeptical, he wanted to go over the "short" version of what his company had to offer. This "short version" took an HOUR! Can you imagine what the LONG version would have been like... Thinking that some of this sounded interesting, I didn't give him an answer.

When he was done telling me everything and had flipped through all the pages in his little book, he said something about me being single - like "...your single right? Your roommates may also be able to save money too..."
I said, yeah I'm single (um, I have a roommate sitting on the couch - of course I'm not married! Why would I have a roommate if I was married!)
Then he said, "so you're probably dating someone, right."
I said, "no. I'm not dating someone."
He says, "REALLY! Not ANYONE?!?"
I say, "um, no I'm not "dating" anyone right now."
Water man says, "Have you been married before?"
Me - "no. (In my mind - And is that really any of your business! Seriously!)"
Nosey water dude "but you date right?"
Me - "Well, yeah I go on dates here and there. But I don't date a lot."
Water man, "I just CAN'T BELIEVE you're not dating someone!!!"
Me - "Well, I'm happy. I'm not complaining about it right now."
Astonished Water guy, "I just can't believe that you're not dating someone!"...

You get the idea! He said, "I can't believe that you're not dating someone. That just really surprises me!" at least 5 times! My roommate was sitting on the couch facing the other wall TRYING NOT TO LAUGH! It was awkward for me and a little uncomfortable to have to explain to a TOTAL stranger that I'm not DATING SOMEONE! REALLY, is it so hard to believe that a nice girl is NOT attached to a guy at all times. Of course I'd LIKE to be married to Prince Charming, but it hasn't worked out that way so far - WHY DO I HAVE TO EXPLAIN THAT TO A TOTAL STRANGER! SO funny, awkward, and strange all in the same time!

He eventually stopped asking about my dating life, and started prying into my work life... Eventually he got the hint that I was done and he left, but the hint of his cologne hung in the air for a bit (we had to open the window so I didn't get a headache!)

So after all that, I'd love to know what you all think about water softeners. I am finding that my hair won't do much since they installed it, but I'm wondering if that is a normal thing... what do you all think? Are you Pro, or Against? Would LOVE any help I can get on this... I'd rather be able to give Captain Nosey Pants an answer over the phone this next time! I don't really want to spend another evening telling him about my lack of dating - Or maybe I'll just get a boyfriend in the next week!

Thursday, February 4, 2010


Okay, today I go so mad at two boys, that I was shaking... I think I need some chocolate - THIS is why teachers get FAT! I HATE NAUGHT KIDS!!! They're not bad but they sure are naughty!