Sunday, November 28, 2010

Update #3

I realize that these posts are most likely getting rather old... but my 30th Birthday is just around the corner, and I'm getting close to crossing off 30 things - but still have a few to go. I'm not 100% sure that I'll be able to have 30 done BY my birthday, but by the end of the month, for sure... Here are some pic's of what I've gotten done in the past few weeks...

Blue means DONE, BABY!, Red means IN PROGRESS, and Black means I've thought about it, but haven't gotten there yet.

1. Learn to play the organ
2. Learn how to golf (this is obviously a process, but it's coming along...)
3. Build a piece of furniture!
4. Create a budget and actually keep to it (could be better, but I'm DOING IT!)
5. Run in 6 races
6. Do at least 1 hour of service Every Week
7. Make 2 new friends (or meet two new people) every month
8. Read 6 books – (5 down)

9. Create a piece of "art" that is displayed in my home (drawing, painting, photograph, sewing project, etc.)
10. Overcome a weakness... (tardiness, journal writing, etc...)
11. Hike Mt. Timp
12. See Wicked
13. Find a way to organize my business - particularly my business finances.
14. Get a big girl bed :)
5. Teach Allie to be the best soccer player in all of Ohio
16. Go to a Demolition Derby
17. Run Ragnar
18. Go somewhere I’ve never been before

19. Try a new kind of food
20. Go Curling
21. Put up dining room decorations
22. Read Grandpa Ellison’s life history
23. Do family history with Grandma Perkins and Mom
24. Grow a garden

25. Go to a new restaurant
26. Cook a new recipe
27. Go Skiing
28. Go to Antelope Island
29. Write my own personal history (at least start ☺)
30. Finish decorating bedroom
31. Learn how to do Yoga
32. Make a pumpkin pie (not for thanksgiving)

33. Keep a service journal/gratitude journal
34. Participate in a Water Station for a Race
35. See the "Golden Spike"... it's part of HISTORY!

# 28 - Go to Antelope Island - DONE
These are some awesome pics of the half day adventure that I had with my parents and my little brother as we went to Antelope Island earlier this month. It was really pretty cool to head out there and see this "Utah landmark". We stopped at the "round up area" and saw the rangers tagging, and checking the buffalo that live on the island - they bring them into this coral and one by one, run them in this "holding" place, while they check their heath, and tag 'em. It was pretty noisy, as they come barreling in and are stopped by a metal "fence". They keep the big guys in individual pens, because they can be kinda grumpy when you get in their space.

This guy behind me rammed right into the side of this fence when he saw one of the workers trying to shoo one of the younger guys down the "ramp"area. He hit it so hard, that he was shaking his head a bit after (like he was a little dizzy after hitting a metal fence with his head or something - go figure). I was mesmerized by the process...

We also saw this great "look out point" which is really the trail head to some hiking that we didn't have the time to do. I'd like to go back and actually do some hiking on the island when I have more time... looked like fun (as long as you don't get run over by the scouts...)

#19- Try a new type of food - DONE
I actually tried 2 new types of food, but only took one picture. I got together with a group of about 10 people and headed over to the "Bohemian" restaurant off of 72nd south and state street. I asked the waiter about what he thought, and ended up trying the "schnitzel" (which is basically, a very thin piece of chicken that's breaded and was served with this AMAZING sauce.) I actually LOVED IT! and ate the ENTIRE thing - I guess I was hungry? I'd just come from the gym, or something like that (I mean look at how awesome I appear in this photo - no make up, my hair was a mess... yeah, and I still went out anyway). The next night I actually went with some other friends and tried Moroccan food with was also pretty tasty!

(P.S. this is Josh, to my right... he just wanted to make an appearance on the blog)

#5 - Run 6 races - DONE (FINALLY!)
On Thanksgiving morning, I got up and headed down to "VF Factory Outlet" where the 5th annual Utah Human 5K Race was held. I dragged my entire "Happy" family there and conned a few friends to join with me too. It was 8 degrees outside, and for the first .75 miles I couldn't really feel my toes, but we did it, (and after I finally warmed up by mile 1 or so, I actually had a great time!) When I got to the finish line, I turned around and noticed that everyone was "steaming" as they were warmer than the air outside, and there were LOTS of people with frozen hair, where they had sweated. My left eyelash actually got frozen, as the sweat from head had caused it to get a little "wet" and freeze. What a great start to the day of "Thanks". Thanks to my family and friends who came in support of me, and in support of the awesome cause it was raising money for. (THe race is a fundraiser that gives money to the Utah Food Bank, and the Church of Jesus Christ's Humanitarian Aid Fund - this year they raised over $40,000 for the food bank, and I imagine near the same for the Humanitarian Aid Fund as well - way to go people!!!)

Kris, (Rick - hiding behind), Spencer, Paige, Me, Kerri, and back row Olivia & Brett - Adam, (my bro-in-law) and his Dad and brother Troy also ran, but had to leave in order to get the the morning basket ball game.

This coming week I hope to work on ... a Furniture Finish, a Book Finish, an art project hung up/displayed, a "curling" appointment, some organizing of the business finances, AND a little service and gratitude journaling! It's gonna be a busy two weeks!!! - OH, and Planning my trip to see Wicked!!! YEA!!!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

One more down... well almost!

Just in case you didn't read my FB status... I'M GOING TO SEE WICKED THE WEEK BEFORE I TURN 30!!! Talk about Awesomeness!!!!!! One more off the list... at least planned. Have some awesome pics to be posting next week of more things to cross off this 30's list... I'm going to be super bummed when this is all over with! ... what's next, life?