Sunday, August 15, 2010

Summer of 30 till 30

Okay people! This will be a long post, so read what ya want and don't complain - you were warned! First I'm going to list what I've gotten done with my "30 till 30 list" and will post pictures of my vacation to New York/Boston.

Blue means DONE, BABY!, Red means IN PROGRESS, and Black means I've thought about it, but haven't gotten there yet.

1. Learn to play the organ
2. Learn how to golf
3. Build a piece of furniture!
4. Create a budget and actually keep to it :)
5. Run in 6 races (3 down)
6. Do at least 1 hour of service Every Week
7. Make 2 new friends (or meet two new people) every month
8. Read 6 books – (3 down)

9. Create a piece of "art" that is displayed in my home (drawing, painting, photograph, sewing project, etc.)
10. Overcome a weakness... (tardiness, journal writing, etc...)
11. Hike Mt. Timp
12. See Wicked
13. Find a way to organize my business - particularly my business finances.
14. Get a big girl bed :)
15. Teach Allie to be the best soccer player in all of Ohio
16. Go to a Demolition Derby
17. Run Ragnar
18. Go somewhere I’ve never been before

19. Try a new kind of food
20. Go Curling
21. Put up dining room decorations
22. Read Grandpa Ellison’s life history
23. Do family history with Grandma Perkins and Mom
24. Grow a garden

25. Go to a new restaurant
26. Cook a new recipe
27. Go Skiing
28. Go to Antelope Island
29. Write my own personal history (at least start ☺)
30. Finish decorating bedroom
31. Learn how to do Yoga
32. Make a pumpkin pie (not for thanksgiving)
33. Keep a service journal/gratitude journal for 6 months or longer
34.Participate in a Water Station for a Race

So, that makes 10 things I'm "in the process" of doing/completing AND I've finished 8! For those of you who aren't good at math, that means I've got 18 out of 30 going, which is more than half! Yippeeee! I've still got some work to do and hope to get a few more things finished/started in the next few weeks. Seriously, people, this has been a great motivation to do some things that "I've always wanted to do" but haven't done! When you have a "REASON" to do it (ie. need to cross it off a list) it seems to make doing it more of a priority. So make your own "__ till __" list ASAP! You won't regret it!

Okay - to "report" on my summer life - which is so interesting - hey, it's interesting to me...

NEW YORK & BOSTON - June 2010...
So the day I got out of school, my roommate Olivia and I hoped on a Red Eye flight to New York. We arrived early in the morning and headed to the hotel, where we dropped off our luggage and headed to the Statue of Liberty. From there, we spent 3 days exploring the city and had a super great time!

This is from the Statue of Liberty museum... talk about toe jam!

This is from the Manhattan Temple, which is where we were when we were SUPPOSED to be seeing Wicked.. yah, I'm not to good when it comes to looking at details apparently, ie the DATE on the tickets that came in the mail 3 weeks before we left. Hence the need to have "SEE WICKED" on the 30 till 30 list. Can we say FLAKE! But the temple was BEAUTIFUL!

The Brooklyn Bridge... walked half way, then decided to come back.

This is in front of the "MET" which was pretty neat - someone could spend a week inside and still not see everything! It's HUGE!

The night life! We were out in time square workin' our magic till midnight... okay, we really just wanted to go to the M&M store - which had some pretty sweet things!

Central Park - Great place for a Sunday Afternoon Stroll

This is a special picture :) not the most flattering, but hey, what can ya do. This is from The Empire State Building... learned that the city has "grown" because throughout history they would dump trash out in the "bay", which would pile up, decompose and become "land" which they could build in. CRAZY!
This is from the "Top of the Rock" - we went one night after we'd gone to a play (which we had a cool picture from, but it got lost :( We'd taken a picture with the man who'd written the play! How cool is that!) Pretty cool views at night!

BOSTON: After a few days in New York, we took a train up to Boston! I think that I actually liked riding the train, because the seats were spacious (unlike a plane) and I was able to get some things done while I rode!

Our 1st night in Boston - we'd had some New England Clam Chowder! Man, was it tasty! YUM!

For 1 of the days we were in Boston we walked the "Freedom Trail" - which takes you to see the U.S. History sites in the city. You get a map and walk to each spot on your own. This is a cemetery where Paul Revere (and many other famous patriots) was/were buried.

Somewhere around this bay is where the Boston Tea Party took place...

A Memorial of the location of the Battle of Bunker Hill (I teach all this history, which is why it was super cool to me!)
Okay, this is inside the Old North Church - which is where the lanterns were hung from the "Paul Revere Ride" poem that we all know and love! This was a cool church because it has some stolen clocks in it or something like that... can't remember the details, but I remember something about pirates? Olivia might have to help with the details on this one.

This is us enjoying our treat from "Mike's Pastries" - which the 12 year old desk clerk (okay he wasn't 12, but he LOOKED like he was 12) told us to try out. It was a really cool place/experience - I felt like I was at the Bakery from "CAKE BOSS" on TV. :) We had to enjoy a treat along our ALL DAY walk!

This is on a replica of the U.S.S. Constitution - which I think was a ship from way back in the day that was "unsinkable" - they called her "IRON CLAD" or something similar to that. I was tired at this point, since it was the last stop on the Freedom Trail for us, and don't remember too many details.

On day 2 in Boston, we took the Bus to Lexington & Concord - the sites of the 1st Battles of the Revolutionary War - we took a "tour" and saw many sites, and I took TONS of notes on what Really took place there... funny that these two towns still fight over where the "shot heard around the world" took place. I really enjoyed this! This is the bridge that takes you to the farm where there was a small battle with the British.

Along this tour, you could also get off the bus and tour the home of the author of "Little Women". We did so, in order to meet up with our new friend Sally, who offered to drive us back to the beginning of the tour - we didn't really need a ride, but went with her anyway and made a new friend and heard about her interesting trip with her husband.

Me, our new friend Sally, and Olivia at one of the tourist stops - this was the "Minute Men Headquarters" or something like that.

Us with the funny tour guide who said all history books were full of mixed up stories, and false information, but wouldn't write his own book! Hello! Help us out, write the TRUTH so we can all get it right!

Mike's Pastry part 2! Had to go back for more...

While trying to find a place to eat we saw a few "Cheers" Bars

This is us getting back at 11:00 at night, very exhausted from the trip, but VERY glad to have gone! What a week of AMAZING EXPERIENCES!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Help, Please!

Dear Friends,

I need some help, please. I have finally downloaded some pictures of my summer adventures, AND, my 30 till 30 adventures... (which I'll try to post this week.) Along with these pictures, I'd like to post an updated list with the things I've accomplished in a different color then the rest of the text. HOWEVER, I'm not smart enough (or patient enough) to figure out how to do this. Who can tell me how to do multiple colors in ONE post? :) Thanks!