Thursday, November 27, 2008

New Calling...

Jared... this post is for you to have something to read while at work... I'll try to post more soon...

So, my sister and I moved from our place in Murray to a new joint in Sandy last summer... in July we attended a singles ward, which as they usually are, was "interesting". We attended the student ward for our area a few weeks too and then were out of town for a few weeks on our "trip". We came back and somehow ended up back at "interesting" singles ward. So at about the end of August/ beginning of September we found our way to where we are "supposed" to be I guess.

Well, basically I didn't have a calling from about July until about October - yes not even visiting teaching... So, we got into this ward, and they told me and my sister that they would get us callings soon. I was told that I would be put on a committee... And then after a few months (the end of October) I was called to serve in the Relief Society Presidency. It's funny how we end up in the right place at the right time. I don't know more than a handful of the sisters in my ward, and I don't always understand the in's and out's of this funny little ward, but I am learning to love and see people as the Lord sees them. Its been a great learning experience for me already!

Just thought I'd share a little of what is taking up so much of my time! I love that I can learn from serving others and can really see the work of the Lord in my life and in the life of others as I do so!

Halloween & Another Visit!

At the end of October my favorite older sister and my favorite nieces came to see us again! Steve was in Florida at some kind of doctor convention or whatever - so the girls, not wanted to stay at home alone decided to come trick or treating in Utah!

They came to see us right before Halloween so we were able to enjoy the opportunity to dress these lovely toddlers up as "princess ballet dancers" and I even brought them to school for a little bit of fun! (okay maybe the fun was for me and not the kids...) I invited Jamie to bring the girls up for a little Halloween "craft" project and treats. Then the next day they came for my school costume parade (which literally goes down main street in Sandy... but only about a block). I dressed up as a "mad scientist" and marched with a little lady at my right - whom everyone thought was "so CUTE!". I know that I enjoyed it, but I think the girls really liked the trick or treating the next night. On Halloween my parents and sister took the girls trick or treating, while I got things ready for a wedding order that I had to get done. Yes, I spent the evening working - the joys of having a small business! But it turned out to be quite beautiful in my opinion - too bad I don't have a good camera to show what things REALLY look like in person - but soon I'll have a website to see what the photographer can do... (I'm trying to collect professional photo's from friends weddings that I have done in the past... it's a long process)

The Saturday before they had to go home, we decided to head up the canyon for a little picnic lunch and short walk. It was actually quite enjoyable and as usual, brought out the strangeness in all of us - see below... and don't judge me - I'm around kids all day 5 days a week and my best friend acts like he's a kid... and sometimes I get sucked into it too... I know Adam, "I have a lot of growing up to do" - but enjoy anyway!