Sunday, March 4, 2012

Thoughts on life...

Suppose that today were your last day on earth,
the last mile of your journey you've trod.
When you've counted it up, how much are you worth?
How much can you take home to God?
Don't count as possessions your silver and gold,
for tomorrow you leave them behind.
But all that is yours to have and to hold,
Are the blessings you've given mankind.

Found this poem in my email from a fellow service missionary, when I worked at the conference center a few years back. I really enjoyed my time there, and every so often wonder what happened to those wonderful people I got to serve with. LOVED my once a week mission, even though it seemed like it took a lot of time out of my already busy life, I know I was extremely blessed for my service. That's the way life is. We think we're giving, when really we are the ones getting blessed. :) Gotta love it.

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